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About The Foundation

The Carol A. Buch Family Foundation is a Delaware not for profit corporation, qualified by the IRS as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. The Foundation is governed by a Board whose officers are immediate family members, as may be amended or expanded in the future. All commitments of the Foundation, including allocation of funds, are consistent with stated priorities. The Board has established performance indicators to ensure that fund allocations make a positive impact.

The Foundation is administered by Foundation Source Philanthropic Services Inc. in Fairfield, CT.
Its assets are held and managed by UBS Financial Services, Inc. in Austin, TX.

Carol A. Buch

Carol was born in Peru in 1961 and lived a life of experiences and commitment to family and friends before passing from cancer in 2015.  The following priorities inform the framework for the Foundation:

  • School age experiences in Germany, Nigeria, Colombia and the United States formed the basis for Carol’s love of travel and adventure, and an understanding of the challenges unique to people disadvantaged by circumstances. The Foundation prioritizes investments that foster increased understanding and assistance to those living in impoverished communities.
  • Carol was a devoted wife and mother of two, and remained committed to family throughout her lifetime. Experience shows that the absence of a loving, stable home environment and opportunities for quality education create lifelong challenges. The Foundation invests in education, specifically with regard to faculty development and new learning opportunities for children and young adults.
  • Despite best efforts, little is understood of pancreatic cancer. Treatment options are limited, resulting in deep physical and emotional pain for patients, family and friends. Carol fought cancer with characteristic love and strength of character. The Foundation invests in cancer research and efforts to better understand and support all those affected.

The Carol A. Buch Family Foundation exists to provide hope and assistance, and to carry on the legacy of love, laughter and personal service that Carol shared freely.


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